About Blue Sky

Blue Sky Orthotic & Prosthetics a.k.a. Blue Sky is a state of the art O&P company with locations in Austin, Bryan/College Station and Temple, Texas.  Each clinic offers patients a comfortable experience while being fit with the most high tech prosthetic limbs and bracing available.  Blue Sky has a full prosthetic/orthotic lab and fabricates all of their devices in house working with advanced carbon fiber, resins and plastics.  Our American Board Certified/experienced practitioners and technicians make the complete fitting process comfortable for the patient from start to finish.   Amputee Peer Visitors also in the clinic are available talk with and offer guidance for new and returning patients to make the experience easier. Blue Sky practitioners typically use a team approach for fitting the prosthetics to allow the patient to achieve their maximum potential.  Blue Sky practitioners, technicians, patient care coordinators and amputee advisors allow the fitting process to go smoother and more efficient for the patient. The team approach and in house fabrication and quality control result in a much faster turn around from casting to delivery of the device and also ensures top notch care for each patient.  


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Services Offered

Our friendly practitioners have extensive experience in fitting a wide range of upper and lower extremity orthotics and prosthetics including the following:  


Post amputation prosthetic care including Rigid Removable Dressings

Lower and Upper Extremity prosthetic care

Pediatric Prosthetics

Sports prosthetic specialist

Amputee Peer Consultation

Prosthetic Gait Analysis


Post-operative orthotic care

Lower and Upper Extremity orthoses

Spinal Orthoses

Knee Orthoses

Fracture Orthoses

Ankle Foot Orthoses

Foot Orthoses

Gait Analysis

State of the Art Clinic/Labs

Blue Sky has 3 convenient locations in Austin, Temple and Bryan/College Station.  The Austin office features a modern lab including an infrared oven, carbon laminating stations, and machinery needed to fabricate/finish high end prosthetics and orthotics.  

All prosthetic castings, fittings and fabrication are done in-house to allow fast and responsive turn around and maintain top notch quality control.

Our Practitioners

Blue Sky practitioners are experienced and have advanced training in lower and upper extremity prosthetics and orthotics.  Our practitioners are American Board for Orthotic and Prosthetics Certified which is the highest standard offered for prosthetic and orthotic practitioners.  They have trained at the top prosthetic and orthotic schools in the country including UT Southwestern Medical Center and Alabama State University O&P Programs.  They also performed post education residencies and internships at top medical centers including Stanford Medical Center and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA and Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.

Our practitioners are athletes themselves and have worked with many high level amputee runners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, rifle/pistol, archery and kayakers.  This includes working with the 1500 meter below knee amputee world holder along with US National Cycling Road time trial champion. Blue Sky practitioners pride themselves on providing the very best fitting sockets and most efficient comfortable prostheses and orthoses in the industry. They have trained in both adult and pediatric settings and can bring this experience to offer successful outcomes to each patient.