The Blue Sky clinic and lab is designed for maximum efficiency and comfort for each patient allowing our practitioners to build and fit the most innovative prosthetics and orthotics available.  Upon entering the Blue Sky Clinic – patients will notice the reception room is light and bright with space to move around in. The gait room is a large open space offering plenty of room to perform alignment and gait training with amputee and orthotic patients.  The open gym space has a ramp, stairs, and long set of parallel bars used during prosthetic and orthotic fittings and especially programming of microprocessor knees.

The lab features infrared ovens, large vacuum molding stations and a lamination room for carbon composite prosthetic socket fabrication.  The spacious machine room has Trautman carvers and sanders to complete fabrication/finishing of the carbon fiber prosthetic sockets and plastic AFO’s.  Each room also offer ventilation systems to provide the safest environment for our practitioners and technicians. The clinic is purposefully setup to allow maximum usage and efficiency allowing for prompt and timely prosthetic and orthotic care.  Our goal is to make each patient’s visit very comfortable and relaxing as if enjoying a nice Blue Sky day!