Amputee Peer Visiting


A world of prosthetics can be intimidating at first, but Blue Sky is devoted to providing an easier experience through our amputee peer visitors. In our office we have two amputees that work for Blue Sky and are here to give support when needed.  The support is a service we have for our patients to comfort, provide guidance, listen to your needs, educate on what life is like with prosthetics, and everything else in between.  It’s a service that no one can better understand than someone who has gone through the experience of amputation or limb loss.

Whether you have had your amputation for all or most of your life, a new amputee, or are considering amputation, we are here to give insight on what life is like ahead of you.  When a call is made for this service, we’ll be sure to meet you in any of our offices in Austin, Temple, or Bryan, Texas.  We can also meet in the hospital if needed.  

Life can look difficult as an amputee, but we are here to show you how to overcome new challenges.  From getting in and out of the car, to putting your prosthesis on, how to tend to your residual limb, how to clean your prosthesis supplies, how to get active again, we are here to help answer all of your questions.  



Peer Visitors

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Jamie Martin

Back in 2008, Jamie got sick with meningitis while attending the University of Texas in Austin. From one day being completely healthy, to the next day facing life threatening decisions in a hospital.  With only 20% chance of survival, Jamie came out on the other side able to tell the tale.  She was in the hospital for almost 8 months and came out with amputations of all of her fingers and her legs below the knee. Life seemed unfair, lost, and she was unsure of what would be ahead of her.  Three short months after receiving her prosthetic legs, Jamie was up and at it, and already back at college to finish her degree.  After one year of walking, Jamie found herself on a bicycle and commuting to school again, and a year after that, Jamie wound up on the U.S.A. Paralympic cycling team.  Talk about overcoming obstacles! Jamie did finish her degree in Human Development & Family Sciences, and now uses her degree for work at Blue Sky as an amputee peer visitor.  She encourages all challenged individuals to live the lives that they want and how they see fit.  "Trust me, there is so much more to life, even as an amputee. Come down and let’s talk about it."

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Chad Vidaure

Chad is our technician here at Blue Sky and has been an amputee for 10 years now. He lost his log due to a traumatic accident.  He was working for his job with power equipment when his accident happened.  There was a gentleman that was moving a tractor and with a wrong turn, he pinned Chad’s leg with the tractor. He was medically evacuated to a hospital in Austin.  In one month, Chad underwent 18 limb salvage surgeries. “The beginning was hard,” he said. “They asked if I can wiggle my toes, but I couldn’t.” After all of the surgeries, the future seemed unknown, but with guidance from doctors, amputation seemed to be the answer for a more successful and functional life. Three years after his amputation, he met Kevin and Aaron as CPO’s (Certified  Prosthetist Orthotist). They provided assistance as his new prosthetists and 10 years later he works side by side with them at Blue Sky. When asked “Where do you think you’d be if this accident never happened?” He says he doesn’t know but is glad that he found his dream job as a prosthetic technician.  “It’s a blessing to have this job.” Chad loves helping people and to see them happy with their prosthesis.  It’s a fulfillment that is hard to explain.   As an amputee peer visitor, Chad also gets the opportunity to be there for amputees or for people who are at an impasse with making the decision to amputate or not. Chad is a great person to have an amputee peer visitation with since he had to make the decision to amputate, which is a unique and very difficult decision to make. Hopefully no one has to come to this impasse but if you are facing this decision, we encourage Chad to be your go-to.  


We are able to support our patients in any which way the patient needs. With a team like ours, having an amputee making your prosthesis, having amputees provide insight on life and to have great certified prosthetists to guide on your new walk or use of an arm, we believe that Blue Sky can assist the patient with an active, successful, and independent life that they are striving for.   Please give us a call our office at 512-505-8887 and we will be happy to meet you.